In this episode of the Honeit podcast, Nick Livingston and Trevor Gamble discuss authentic recruitment communication and how recruiters and talent partners can deliver truth, trust, and transparency to candidates in the age of AI.

Trevor applies his 15 years of experience in brand marketing at Red Bull, Oakley, and GoPro to create compelling and meaningful narratives and storytelling. Trevor is currently the Head of Marketing and Business Development Strategy for the longest-running recruiting firm focused exclusively on the semiconductor industry. SBT has 35 years of experience and is ever-evolving to deliver results for clients and candidates in established as well as emerging verticals like AI/ML and accelerated computing.

Authentic was Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2023. Now, with the rise of AI and automated outbound sourcing emails, job descriptions, and recruitment chatbots, authentic recruitment communication is more important than ever for sourcers and recruiters to have an authentic voice and talent brand to cut through the noise, improve the candidate experience, and accelerate the hiring process.