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Executive Recruiters and Talent Partners say “Honeit is a Game-Changer.”

“Honeit is hands-down the best recruiting tool ever.”

Richeal Royal

Senior Recruiter, Accenture

“We saved $300,000 in the first 6 weeks using Honeit.”

Stephen Owens

VP, Talent Acquisition

“Honeit will change your recruiting life.”

Jay Curry

Head of Talent, Everly Health

“Honeit has changed my world.”

Karen Hagin

Talent Acquisition Leader, AMD

“Honeit is my new best friend for candidate screening.”

Rich Farquhar

Executive Recruiter, Strategy Source

“Honeit is the best recruiting innovation since the telephone.”

Jim Caragher

Executive Recruiter, CPG Group

Trusted by Recruiters and Talent Partners

The all-in-one interview platform to schedule, screen and share interview insights.

Talk Sooner

Phone Screens - Intake Calls - Video Interviews

Automatically schedule calls or call-out to candidates, clients and references. Honeit sends calendar invites, reminder emails, reschedule emails and text messages.

Enjoy Your Calls

Phone Screens - Intake Calls - Video Interviews

Focus on your conversation, listening and building rapport instead of typing notes. Honeit automatically records, transcribes, indexes and parses the key moments from your call.

No Typing Notes

Phone Screens - Intake Calls - Video Interviews

Automatically record, transcribe, index and search your calls securely in the cloud. The Honeit interview platform was designed for dual-consent, GDPR and CA laws.

Candidate Highlights

After a Honeit call, share interview answers for quick collaboration.

Attract Passive Talent

After intake calls, showcase A-players to attract A-players and increase response rates.

Search Interview Data

Search interview questions, answers, tags, notes and call transcripts. Never miss a detail.

Diversity & Inclusion

Click the “bias button” to remove names, photos, resumes, and let talent speak for itself. 

CRM + Projects

Stay organized with individual or team projects. Manage contacts and collaborate with colleagues. Distribute calls with round-robin scheduling.

Easy Integration

After a Honeit call, automatically download or export interview questions, answers, tags, notes, call transcripts and highlights into your ATS or CRM.