Elevate Your Conversations and Candidate Presentations

Honeit’s award-winning talent communication platform helps recruiters transcribe, summarize, and share interview intelligence to deliver trust, transparency, and higher-quality hires.

“We saved $300,000 in our first 6 weeks using Honeit Software.”

Stephen Owens

VP, Talent Acquisition, Protective

“Honeit technology is a game-changer for our recruiters and clients.”

Angie Verros

CEO, Vaia Talent

“Honeit helps us interrupt unconscious interview bias.”

Andres Traslavina

Head of Executive Recruiting, Whole Foods Market

“Honeit is the one recruiting tool that I can’t live without.”

Eleni Breaux

Sales Recruiter, Sprinklr

Now We're Talking!

Talking to people is essential to recruiting and hiring the right talent.

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Automate scheduling, note-taking, summaries, candidate presentations, and feedback with one simple link.


Share Hiring Manager Insights and Candidate Insights for authentic human communication and instant collaboration.


Simplify your stack with a compliant talent communication platform. Phone, Video, SMS, VoIP & Outbound Calling

Automate Your Workflow

Now, it’s easy to automate scheduling, note-taking, call summaries, candidate writeups, and feedback.

Automate Scheduling

Just paste a Honeit link into email signatures, InMails, and email message templates to automate scheduling and rescheduling.

AI Note-Taking

Focus on rapport while Honeit automatically records, transcribes, indexes, summarizes, and parses key interview answers.

Instant Writeups

Instead of typing tedious candidate write-ups, automatically summarize the key moments to generate amazing candidate presentations.

AI Call Guides

Now, all recruiters can conduct comprehensive interviews and ask behavioral, technical, and core value questions during the first call.

Instant Collaboration

Accelerate consensus and assess talent faster. Reduce interview steps with real-time interview intelligence for instant collaboration.

Faster Feedback

Improve and accelerate recruiting and hiring decisions with real-time interview data and instant interview collaboration.

Trusted by Recruiters and Talent Partners

Executive Recruiters, Talent Partners, and RPO teams say, “Honeit is a Game-Changer.

"Honeit is a Game-Changer."

Remarkable Recruiter Productivity

Productivity and Time Savings are off-the-charts when you streamline candidate screening and share interview intelligence.

Time to Source

Attract the right talent with authentic recruitment marketing and job insights.

Time to Screen

Call candidates directly or automatically schedule calls to talk to candidates sooner.

Talk Time

Call guides help recruiters stay on track, dig deeper, and speak with more candidates.

Time to Submit

Say goodbye to tedious candidate write-ups, Honeit helps recruiters submit in seconds.

Time to Feedback

Instantly capture feedback from multiple stakeholders to expedite next steps.

Time to Hire

Reduce interview steps and accelerate offers with real-time interview collaboration.

Honeit Empowers Human Resources

Elevate meaningful human conversations and automate your workflow.