Executive Recruiters say "Honeit is a Game-Changer."


Tired of manually scheduling calls, scribbling notes and typing summaries? Honeit Software turns interviews into insights for higher quality hiring.

“Honeit is my best-friend for candidate screening.”

Rich Farquhar

Executive Recruiter, Strategy Source

“Honeit is hands-down the best recruiting tool… ever!”

Richeal Royal

Recruiting Lead, Accenture

Honeit helps interrupt unconscious bias.

Andres Traslavina

Sr. Director, Global Recruiting, Whole Foods Market

Speak Sooner

Add a Honeit Scheduling Link to emails, InMails or ATS/CRM templates. Capture resumes and send calendar invites, SMS and email reminders.

Talk Anywhere

Conduct live phone calls or video calls with nothing to download or install. Easily talk via land line, mobile phone or through your computer (VoIP).

Record & Transcribe

Instead of typing notes, focus on your conversation and build rapport. Automatically record, transcribe, index and store your calls securely in the cloud. Honeit was designed for dual-consent, GDPR and California laws.

Honeit interview technology

Interview Intelligence

Easily search interview questions, answers, tags, notes and call transcripts. Ask the right technical questions and quickly discover the best answers.

Honeit interview technology

Talent Previews

Instead of spending hours typing call summaries and candidate write-ups, Share Interview Sound-Bites via Slack, email, or your ATS / CRM.

Watch Video
interview technology

Job Previews

Showcase A-Players to attract A-Players. Make the most of intake calls with hiring managers and never miss a detail. Audible Job Previews attract passive candidates, increase response rates and save everyone time.

interview technology

Diversity & Inclusion

After a phone screen, click the ‘bias button’ to remove names, photos, resumes, and let talent speak for itself with “Blind” Talent Previews.

interview technology

Easy Integration

After a phone call or video call, automatically add notes, questions, answers and call transcripts into candidate records in your primary ATS or CRM.

interview technology