Honeit Interview Technology

Your all-in-one solution to schedule, screen and share interview intelligence.

Scheduling Automation

Schedule calls or dial-out through Honeit. Send calendar invites, email and text reminders.

interview data

Conversation Intelligence

Focus on listening. No typing notes. Automatically record, transcribe and search.

Interview Collaboration

Instead of typing summaries, Share Interview Answers for instant collaboration.

Honeit Features

The communication stack (phone, video, sms, voip) purpose-built for recruiters and talent partners.

Call Scheduling

Sync your calendar, set your availability and share your link.

Call Recording

Never forget a conversation or key interview moments.


Call Transcription

Transcribe the entire interview, questions and answers.

Call Sound-Bites

Automatically create shareable clips and highlights.

Video Calls

Talk to candidates anywhere in the world with two-way video.


Call Guides

Utilize structured interview guides for any skill-set.

Cold Calling

Easily make outbound calls without scheduling in advance.

Global Communication

Avoid long-distance and international charges with VoIP.

Local Phone Numbers

Make and receive calls from your personal Honeit phone number.

SMS Messaging

Send and receive SMS text messages to candidates & clients.

Slack Integration

Easily share Job Previews and Candidate Previews via Slack.

Team & Project Scheduling

Evenly distribute calls with round-robin scheduling by project.

Candidate Presentations

Instead of 30 minute write-ups, submit candidates in seconds.

Privacy and Encryption

Data is password protected and encrypted in transit and at rest. 

Admin Features

View team calendars, metrics and analytics for training and 10X ROI.

Training and Support

Weekly Honeit training, live chat, email and slack channel support. 

Advanced Search

Search questions, answers, notes, tags and call transcripts.

Job Previews

Bring job descriptions to life with audible job previews.


Manage contacts, clients, projects and your conversations.

Tracking & Analytics

Track email opens, clicks and interview analytics.

Chrome Extension

Easily make a call or schedule a call from the chrome extension.

SMS Reminders

Automatically send SMS text message reminders.

Multi-Party Calls

Invite colleagues to join group phone or video calls.

Reduce Bias

Remove names, photos and resumes to reduce interview bias.

Team Projects

Cooperatively schedule, screen and assess calls as a team.

Team Calendars

Round-robin interview scheduilng and more.

Download or Export

Easily export interview data into your ATS or CRM.


Honeit integrates with the tools your team is already using.

Transcription in 23 Languages

Transcribe phone screens and video calls in 23 languages.

Link Tracking

See how many times your share links are viewed and clicked.

Custom Greeting

Select your preferred notification that calls are recorded. 

Custom Fields

Capture pre-screening answers and resume attachements. 


Honeit turns Phone, VoIP and Video calls into real-time interview data and talent insights.