We were flattered.

One of the nicest things we’ve heard a client say about HoneIt is that we are “Calendly on steroids.” We were flattered. Calendly is an incredible product for scheduling, and has built a business which now does about $60 million a year.

What does this mean?

For recruiters, scheduling a call is only step #1 one in their daily schedule, screen, submit workflow. 

Simply put, recruiters can paste a Honeit scheduling link anywhere in their workflow to automatically schedule, record, transcribe, search and share highlights from a conversation. It’s more than scheduling, hence the “on steroids” part.

Here’s what a HoneIt scheduling link looks like. 

Recruiters can embed career videos, custom branding, screening questions and capture resume attachments while allowing candidates to automatically schedule calls based on the recruiter’s availability. Honeit has round-robin scheduling, rescheduling, interview reminders, SMS text messages – all the bells and whistles to schedule calls automatically. 

What recruiters are saying? 

The ability to easily record calls, transcribe calls, search calls, ask technical interview questions and share call soundbites goes beyond just scheduling a call. Honeit turns intake calls, phone screens, video interviews, reference calls, debrief calls into valuable talent insights that recruiting organizations can easily capture, search and share.

Recruiters paste Honeit links in their email signatures, ATS or CRM message templates, LinkedIn InMails, job descriptions and web sites to fill their calendars with candidate and client conversations.

As you can see in some of our client testimonials, one of the biggest value-adds for recruiters is that everything you need is taken care of with one link. Recruiters — and we know, because we were in the field for decades combined — hate scribbling notes. They hate the multitasking that takes them away from really getting to know a candidate, engage with their answers, etc. The cloud has been a pre-eminent technology for close to a decade now, and yet only a few cloud solutions have appeared to help recruiters be more effective at their jobs. HoneIt is one of them.

What’s maybe overlooked a little bit is the candidate experience side of this. It is incredibly frustrating as a candidate to think the recruiter is detached, hear them typing a lot, hear them say “Huh, OK” back to a long answer, and the like. Candidates take interviews very seriously because they represent new opportunities and income flows; one of the biggest complaints you consistently hear from candidates is that the recruiter/interviewer isn’t taking the interview as seriously as they are. 

It’s sad, but often true. And the reason recruiters appear to be disengaged often is how many things they’re simultaneously trying to manage, including — unfortunately — scheduling and rescheduling other future interviews as they conduct the current interview. (We don’t endorse that, but we know recruiters do it.)

The single-link workflow for scheduling, recording, transcribing, and searching interview conversations is one of our biggest points of pride. We love the fact that people have realized Honeit is as simple as “Calendly on steroids.”