Recruiting Intake Calls (aka Hiring Kick-Off Calls) are the most important steps of the hiring process.

These conversations go beyond the job description, to help recruiters learn what hiring manager really want.

These conversations, typically between a recruiter and hiring managers, are phone interviews too! Recruiters ask the hiring managers key questions to learn about what’s unique, what’s exciting and what criteria will distinguish good vs. great candidates. It’s essential for recruiters to understand how to pitch the job and how to filter good vs. great candidates during the recruiter phone screens.

Intake calls are full of recruiting insights. But these conversations are usually lost, with only scribbled notes as the output.

Honeit helps recruiters capture recruiting intelligence from intake conversations, to share with fellow Recruiters and Sourcers, and to create audible job previews, by sharing a few highlights from the intake call.

Here is a screenshot of ‘recruiting intelligence’ captured from a natural intake call with a hiring manager.

After an intake call with a hiring manager, recruiters can create “audible job previews” in 10 seconds by selecting key soundbites from the conversation.

Job Previews help attract passive candidates, increase response rates and let jobseekers ‘meet the hiring manager’ earlier in the recruiting process.