What do you get when you combine calendly, Zoom, Slack, the telephone and your ATS/CRM?

2020 was The Year of … Well, Many Things. But a good candidate is The Year of Zoom. Now, for a while when we were doing calls with prospects, we really enjoyed it when someone saw our suite and called it “Calendly on steroids.” That actually happened a few times, which was awesome.

We flipped the page to 2021, and we’re still doing prospect calls and walk-throughs, and recently we’ve had three people — including one at a really big company you’ve probably heard of — call us “Zoom for recruiters.” 

What’s funny is, neither of these things is exactly right, but when you take them together, it’s powerful.

We’re a mix of Zoom and Calendly for the recruiting profession, yes. We allow one-click (one link, really) collaboration between hiring manager and recruiter, and we allow all stakeholders to listen to specific candidate soundbites easily, meaning a 30-minute interview can become a 4-minute listen on your way to the car. You can also “level up” junior recruiters, especially around more technical roles where they might need guidance on the questions to ask. We’ve got interview guides, and interviews will reside in the cloud, so more experienced recruiters can walk through a call with junior colleagues. 

So we’re kind of at the intersection of Calendly (easy scheduling) and Zoom (easy video/audio capture). We’re also two-way — real conversations be happening! — which is a big advantage over one-way. It feels as if the market is starting to understand the limitations of one-way more and more, which is good. Even if we weren’t able to be successful, the market needs less one-way options. It’s not good for candidates or organizations.

Keep the compliments coming, guys. We appreciate each and every one of you.

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