Introducing.. The Recruiter Huddle.

After a day of back-to-back phone screens, have a quick stand-up (or sit down) with your immediate recruiting squad, to review the day’s candidate conversations. For the first time ever… recruiters can quickly share a few audio excerpts from the day’s phone screens for feedback and to review the highs and lows (good and questionable answers during our calls). HONEiT makes it easy to..

  • listen to an awesome technical answer or in-depth concept, for training purposes
  • hear a candidate’s enthusiasm and interest in the company’s product and mission
  • review a great answer to a question that pertains the company’s core values

There are times you know a great candidate when you hear it. There are also times when you just know a candidate isn’t right for a particular role, team or client. But how often do you hang up the phone after a 30 minute conversation and find yourself on the fence for a particular candidate? Historically you could choose to decline the candidate (and lose a diamond in the rough) or as the hiring manager to speak with them (and quickly feel the wrath).

Recruiters can finally get a second opinion on candidates, before sending them to Hiring Managers.

Staffing agency recruiters can quickly review phone interview highlights with their Staffing Managers or Account Directors, to accelerate the approval process and get everyone on the same page before sending candidates to clients.

It’s becoming harder and harder to effectively screen candidates for specialized skill roles and requisitions. Finally, we have a way to collaborate, before taking time away from the line of business. Have a quick recruiter huddle, to share a few audio highlights and get some quick feedback from recruiting peers or from your boss, before you send candidates to the hiring manager. This doesn’t require a second or third phone call with the candidate (terrible candidate experience), just a few minutes to review what was already said.

We’re excited to introduce new ways for Recruiters to collaborate, improve our daily phone screens and save hiring teams time and frustration.