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Getting Started:

Advanced Features:

Share Multiple Candidates

It’s easy to attach multiple candidates to a single share link. Here’s a quick video tutorial.

Quick Callout – New Feature

Quick Callout makes it easy to call candidates on-the-fly without prescheduling interviews. Simply click the ‘call’ button in candidate records to perform outbound calls through your computer.

Audible Job Descriptions

Audible job descriptions make it easy for candidates to quickly hear about a job opportunity in the hiring manager’s own words.

Custom Interview Guides

Custom interview guides empower recruiters to perform technical phone screens, by asking the same questions that hiring managers usually ask.

Enhanced Scheduling Links

Automate phone interview scheduling with Honeit scheduling links. Request resume attachments, custom fields, buffers, team scheduling links, one-click google our outlook integration.

Search Phone Interviews

Honeit makes it easy to search phone interviews for skills, keywords, tags notes and call transcripts.