Collaboration Software for Recruiting Teams

Honeit Software enables real-time collaboration between Sourcing, Recruiting and Hiring teams.

Step 1) Create Screening Guide

Recruiters or Managers create custom interview guides. Include the key technical questions for any job or industry.

Step 2) Recruiter Phone Screen

Recruiters perform advanced phone screens by asking the key technical questions in the interview guides.

Step 3) Managers Hear Highlights

Hiring teams spend 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes to hear communciation skills and assess domain knowledge.

Hear Example Talent Preview.

“Calendly on Steroids” for Recruiting

We were flattered. One of the nicest things we’ve heard a client say about HoneIt is that we are “Calendly on steroids.” We were flattered. Calendly is an incredible product for scheduling, and has built a business which now does about $60 million a year. What does...

Synchronous Interview Technology: The Future of Recruiting and Hiring

Synchronous interview conversations, or real conversations with two people, have not been prioritized in HR technology, but it’s the future.

Search Interview Transcripts, Questions, Answers, Tags and Notes to Rediscover Top Talent

Search interview transcripts, questions, answers, tags to never miss a detail and rediscover the best candidates your team has spoken with.

Let’s Remove the Politics from Hiring

This post isn’t meant to be political, but we know where your focus is this week. And there’s a lot of politics in hiring processes too, so let’s discuss the overlap.

What questions do recruiters need to be asking hiring managers and candidates?

The power of questions If you’ve been reading business journalism for even a few weeks, you know that people love to write articles about the importance of asking good questions. This is not how people at the top of businesses tend to think -- they want answers more...

How to Improve Diversity and Inclusion Hiring

The modern moment We don’t need to belabor the point that this summer was a very fraught time for race relations, both globally and in the United States. We’re not here to be political, so we’ll put that part of it all aside, but the protests and rallies and...

Recruiting Intake Calls Are Phone Interviews Too!

Recruiting intake calls are full of recruiting insights. But these conversations are usually lost, with only scribbled notes as the output.

Job Descriptions: A New Way to Fix Them

We’ve been bashing job descriptions for 10 years. What if a simple audio application could help candidates and hiring managers both get the best experience?

Bias in Video Interviews: We Need to Discuss This

Video interviewing scaled rapidly. Video was already a focus of some platforms, and then coronavirus escalated it. But what about bias in video interviews?

Conversation Intelligence for Recruiting and Hiring

Conversation intelligence already helps sales orgs grow revenue faster. Honeit turns recruiting and hiring conversations into interview intelligence.

Collaboration Software for Recruiting Teams

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