Collaboration Software for Recruiting Teams

Honeit Software enables real-time collaboration between Sourcing, Recruiting and Hiring teams.

Step 1) Create Screening Guide

Recruiters or Managers create custom interview guides. Include the key technical questions for any job or industry.

Step 2) Recruiter Phone Screen

Recruiters perform advanced phone screens by asking the key technical questions in the interview guides.

Step 3) Managers Hear Highlights

Hiring teams spend 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes to hear communciation skills and assess domain knowledge.

Hear Example Talent Preview.

Honeit Talks with Andres Traslavina, Head of Executive Recruiting at Whole Foods Market

Honeit Talks with Andres Traslavina, Head of Executive Recruiting at Whole Foods Market about the modern role of Executive Search, the complex business of Whole Foods Market, the importance of recruiter phone screens, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and the future of talent acquisition.

Loxo ATS Integration

After a Honeit phone screen or video call, automatically export interview questions, answers, tags, notes and call transcripts into the Loxo applicant tracking system.

Lever Integration

Honeit is the interview platform designed for recruiters and talent partners. After a recruiter phone screen, automatically export interview transcripts, questions, answers, tags, notes and call highlights to Lever in seconds.

Email Hacks for Recruiters

Email hacks for recruiters to attract passive talent, screen candidates faster, delight busy hiring managers and accelerate job offers.

How to Phone Screen 500 Candidates in One Day

With modern candidate screening, human conversations at scale are now possible and create a better candidate and recruiter experience!

Recruiting Intake Calls Have Evolved

Honeit turns intake calls with hiring managers into req-specific content and audible job descriptions to go beyond text, attract passive talent, increase response rates and showcase diverse hiring managers.

Phone Screen and Submit Candidates in Seconds

Honeit was designed for recruiters by recruiters to schedule, phone screen and submit candidates in seconds!

How to Hire in 10 Days

Honeit co-founder Nick Livingston joins Rick Girard on the Hire Power Radio Podcast to break down how companies hire in 10 days. Simplifying the interview process starts with better conversations.

Honeit Talks with Matt Burzon, The Source and Recruit Company

Matt Burzon is the Founder of The Source and Recruit Company, a recruitment consultancy offering contingent search, retained search, and inbound and outbound contract recruiting solutions that leverage best-in-class process, technology, and training to recruit exceptional talent, while often reducing agency spend by 40% or more.

Improve the Recruiter Experience

Honeit was designed by recruiters and talent partners who cut their teeth in agency recruiting, scaled early stage startups and have worked at Fortune 500 companies. We understand how difficult recruiting is and have built a solution to improve the recruiter experience and in doing so, improve the candidate experience and hiring manager experience at the same time.

Collaboration Software for Recruiting Teams

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