Hiring Managers Preview

Hiring Manager Preview

Unbiased Interview Data

Hiring Managers can finally preview unbiased candidate data from a Recruiter’s phone screen. In just 30 seconds, Hiring teams can hear a candidate’s personality, domain expertise & communication style – to accelerate the interview process for top candidates.

We enable Recruiters to ask the right questions, and for Hiring Managers to determine “good versus great” answers. By sharing interview data, instead of subjective opinions, Recruiters can quickly build trust and enable better hiring decisions, faster.

today's frustrating interview process

Faster Hiring Process

It’s no surprise that Job Seekers, Recruiters and Hiring Managers are all frustrated with today’s interview process. Nothing’s changed in decades and every conversation is an off-line experience that takes place in a vacuum.

By sharing real-time interview data and candidate insights, we help hiring teams remove redundant steps of the process, accelerate the interview experience and make higher quality hiring decisions.