Collaboration Software for Hiring Teams

Honeit Software enables real-time collaboration between Sourcing, Recruiting and Hiring teams.

Step 1) Create Screening Guide

Recruiters or Managers create custom interview guides. Include the key technical questions for any job or industry.

Step 2) Recruiter Phone Screen

Recruiters perform advanced phone screens by asking the key technical questions in the interview guides.

Step 3) Managers Hear Highlights

Hiring teams spend review interview sound-bites to hear communciation skills and assess domain knowledge.

Who Thinks Recruiter Screens Are Interviews?

With recent advancements in candidate screening technology and communication, recruiters now have the ability to ask thought-provoking questions and share valuable answers, bridging the gap that previously hindered their assessment capabilities.

Honeit Wins Recruitment Startup of the Year

Honeit takes home the prestigious title of Recruitment Startup of the Year at HR.com’s EmpowerHR and EmpowerDEIB event in Phoenix.

Honeit Talks with Valeria Aguerri, CEO of HireBoost

In this Honeit podcast, we speak with Valeria Aguerri, CEO of HireBoost about building a global recruitment company and sourcing top talent in Central America.

Four Ways Honeit Advocates for Candidates

Transforming Candidate Experience: How Honeit Advocates for Fairness, Accountability, and Authenticity in Interviews.

Recruiter Enablement with Craig Fisher

Recruiter enablement and productivity is off-the-charts when recruiters focus on talking to people – and automate everything else.

Why Recruiters Love Honeit

Recruiters love Honeit because it automatically summarizes intake calls, phone screens, and video interviews for instant collaboration between sourcing, recruiting, and hiring teams. Honeit helps recruiters focus on what they do best – talking to people!

Candidate Screening is the most overlooked step in the Recruitment process

Candidate screening is a critical step in the hiring process, yet it’s often overlooked or done hastily, leading to poor hiring decisions and high turnover rates.

Honeit Podcast with Kael Campbell from Red Seal Recruiting Solutions

Honeit talks with Kael Campbell from Red Seal Recruiting Solutions about how they doubled their submission-to-interview ratio using Honeit.

The Most Important Step of the Hiring Process

The phone screen is the most important step of the hiring process. A candidate’s first conversation with your company sets the tone, sets expectations, and sets the talent bar for your organization.

Honeit vs Zoom vs Phone Calls

Supercharge recruiting, hiring and research with Honeit calls. Unlike phone or zoom calls, you can automatically schedule, record, transcribe, search, index, parse and share interview highlights from Honeit calls.

Collaboration Software for Hiring Teams

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