Collaboration Software for Hiring Teams

Honeit Software enables real-time collaboration between Sourcing, Recruiting and Hiring teams.

Step 1) Create Screening Guide

Recruiters or Managers create custom interview guides. Include the key technical questions for any job or industry.

Step 2) Recruiter Phone Screen

Recruiters perform advanced phone screens by asking the key technical questions in the interview guides.

Step 3) Managers Hear Highlights

Hiring teams spend review interview sound-bites to hear communciation skills and assess domain knowledge.

Bias-Free Candidate Screening: Four Simple Steps

To create a compliant, structured, fair, and bias-free candidate screening experience, follow these four steps from Honeit on LinkedIn Live.

Recruiter Splits: Collaboration for Success

Recruiter splits embody the power of collaboration in the recruitment industry. By joining forces, recruiters promote collaboration over competition, open up new revenue streams, and capitalize on every interaction to generate value.

MPC Candidate Presentations for Business Development and Recruitment Split Partners

By fostering authenticity, trust, transparency, and collaboration, Honeit MPC candidate presentations improve the recruiting experience for candidates, clients and split partners.

Redefine Growth with Internal Mobility Interviews

Internal mobility interviews are a company’s secret weapon for strategic talent management and reallocating great employees (instead of layoffs).

Honeit Podcast with Chengeer Lee, Principal Talent Acquisition Partner at Caseware

In this Honeit podcast, Chengeer Lee focuses on finding purpose and encourages job seekers and business leaders to discover their true selves through mindfulness and self-awareness.

The Power of Exit Interviews: Retaining Top Employees and Fostering Organizational Growth

Exit interviews represent a powerful tool for organizations to retain their best employees and drive continuous improvement.

A Hire Purpose: Empowering HR with Honeit

Honeit is empowering HR leaders to share actionable human insights and interview data to drive strategic decision-making and collaboration with leadership.

The Evolution of Recruitment Communication: Telephone Calls, Zoom Calls, and Honeit Calls

Honeit calls transcend the boundaries of traditional recruitment communication platforms by providing recruiters with a purpose-built tool that automates tasks, enhances collaboration, and elevates the recruiter experience.

Revolutionize Recruiter Write-Ups and Candidate Presentations

Honeit is transforming the way recruiters present candidates to hiring managers, enabling a more efficient and effective hiring process. 

Honeit Podcast with Cammas Freeman, Founder of Stackrock Talent

In this Honeit podcast, Cammas Freeman shares her experience building and scaling Talent Acquisition teams and founding her own recruiting firm, Stackrock Talent.

Collaboration Software for Hiring Teams

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