Honeit Job Previews

Easily turn your intake calls with Hiring Managers into audible job previews!

Attract passive candidates, increase response rates and ensure your recruiting and hiring teams are aligned.

Hear Job Preview
job previews

Step 1: Schedule Intake Call

Easily schedule phone calls or video calls with your hiring managers in Honeit.

Step 2: Discuss the Role

Ask structured questions to learn about the role and go beyond the job description.

Step 3: Share Job Previews

Paste or embed Audible Job Previews into emails, InMails or job descriptions.

Meet the Hiring Manager

  • Create job previews from a phone or video call in Honeit
  • Share job preview links in sourcing campaigns
  • Embed job preview into job descriptions
  • Customize call-to-action (‘schedule a call’ or ‘apply here’)
  • Showcase A+ employees to attract A+ candidates
  • Showcase diverse hiring managers to attract diverse candidates
Hear Job Preview
job previews

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Honeit turns interviews into insights.